If you’re like me, having to read the words “in today’s economy,” one more time, is going to make you vomit. Or how about, “the new economy?” Bile inducing, right? Yet, the sad reality is, a lot of us are broke. Unemployed broke. The good thing about that is that you no longer have to dress up for the office. I mean, if your office is your living room, chances are you barely get out of your pajamas anyway. If you do, it’s only to pull on an old pair of jeans and your favorite T-shirt.

But we like consuming in America. Yes, even when we can’t pay the utility bills, we want some new stuff. So, how about a new T-shirt? Look at it this way, they’re cotton, so you can sleep in them. It’s kind of like getting two garments in one. And the only thing we like more than consuming, is thinking we got a deal.

MALSV: The US Congress and the FCC brought us the TV Parental Guidelines system of rating content in television programs. But, who is letting the world know that you are only suitable for mature audiences? Isn’t it time you do everyone a favor and rate yourself? It’s only polite. BUY

Fritter Your Life Away: Some people use every moment of every day to further their skills and move toward success. They learn new languages on their car stereos while driving to the gym in their status cars. They never attend social functions unless they can also network for business or compete at those events. They make goals, strive for them and wrestle them to the ground like gazelles on the Serengeti. While these folks may be using social networking sites, they are likely only there to advertise a service or brag about achievements.  Others take a more relaxed attitude toward life. They don’t work out as much. They don’t have as much money. They meet friends for coffee and don’t discuss “opportunities.” They go to social networking sites to express whatever happens to pop into their heads. Who’s better? Who’s right? No one. Relax. It’s your life. You can fritter it away if you want to. BUY

The Wall of Death: Based on a design from the 1930s, this Jolly Roger looks both scary and bemused. It’s not just for pirates any more.  BUY IT NOW.

Double Gemini T-Shirts

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